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Oral Sex Tips For a Man

I can speak for a vast majority of women in saying that having a man go down on us is not always as pleasant as it seems. Not only can it feel really invasive and be somewhat anxiety-inducing (let's face it--we worry about how we smell, taste, and are groomed down there constantly), but some guys just don't seem to have a good grasp on what makes us really melt. Some guys go down there and seem to completely lose all sense of what might possibly feel good. I mean, I understand that we've got incredibly different parts, but is it really that much of a mystery?
I happen to be among one of the fortunate women who has a boyfriend that performs unbelievable oral sex (ladies, if you're reading this, he's taken; stay away). I tell him that he needs to share his technique with other guys to help them do what he does, but he always drags his feet and puts off writing about his skills. Thus, I've taken it upon myself to share his secrets with the world (sorry, babe). Guys, get your pencils out and get ready to revolutionize the ways in which you please your women.

First thing first: Begin by touching and kissing her. Let her get in the mood and enjoy the attention you're showing. Start high with the neck but not just anywhere. The back of the neck will really get her going or anyone for that matter. You can try placing drops of honey where you want to kiss and lick her. My favorite little treat is the Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping, non-diary so it can be kept anywhere. 

Tease her: to get her even more turned on, kiss and caress her all around her lower half, but don't go in for the kill too quickly. Let her get warmed as you kiss and rub on her stomach and inner thighs, and even come back up to kiss her lips (the ones on her face) a few times. 

Slowly approach your target: be gentle to begin with. You don't want to move too quickly or be too rough--let her absorb the sensations as you begin giving her soft tap kisses on her clitoris. Kiss her up and down her vulva (that's the meaty part outside of her vagina for those of you who slept through anatomy), and even slowly rub her with your fingers to blend your saliva and her juices into your target area.

The Big Show: find a comfortable position between her legs and settle in for the main event. This is where technique becomes especially important: instead of trying to work through her with your tongue, use your bottom lip to stimulate her. Rub your lip in an up and down motion over her clitoris, and use an occasional finger to rub gently if you feel as though she needs a bit more stimulation. Once you find a good rhythm (you will know based on her reaction), settle in and stay consistent. If you switch things up constantly, trying to showcase your many approaches, she'll have a hard time getting into a groove. Stay in your lane and let her cruise.

The Grand Finale: as she gets close to climaxing, apply a teensy bit more pressure (don't go crazy with it), and ride out the O with her. She may try to pull away as she becomes extremely sensitive, but try and apply at least some contact. You don't want to be too firm, but you certainly don't want her to lose the stimulation just before climaxing.

The After Show: don't forget that your leading lady will be coming down from this high for a few minutes. Stay close to her and rub her gently on her back, or even cuddle her. And don't forget--little kisses never hurt anybody. The worst thing you can do is get up and leave the room--she'll think she tastes bad or that you're over the act, so give her at least a few minutes of TLC before you reach for the Listerine.