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Spice up Your Sex Life

 Anyone who has been in a relationship for a significant amount of time (3 years +) knows that after a while, it's time to start exploring ways to spice things up in the bedroom. It's only so long before you're online Googling different positions, looking for new, sexy outfits, and reading about ways to keep sex exciting. Don't get me wrong--sex with a longtime partner isn't by definition stale or boring (in fact, when you're truly comfortable with a person, sex can be better than you've ever imagined), but it can get repetitive if we're not careful.

So what happens once you've exhausted all of the "new" positions out there? Well, fear not, for there is yet another level to explore (no, I'm not suggesting whips and chains...yet). There are ways to add new flair to the tried and true relatively easily--and you'll be shocked at what a difference something small can make when it comes to the pleasure department. For some people, the idea of "sex toys" is a scary, intimidating thought. So many of us are afraid to venture into the unknown; we're unsure of what to look for, where to buy our products, and how to approach the idea of bringing a new member into bed with our partner. 

One simple sex toy, the vibrating clit flicker, is an extremely simple, straightforward toy that can totally revolutionize your old faithfuls. The best part? This toy will add pleasure for BOTH partners at the same time; a rarity in many cases. Don't believe it? Check it out:

Reverse Cowgirl: We know how this one works: the man lays on his back on the bed, and the female straddles her man facing his feet. The pluses of this position are the views for the guy, the angle for the gal, and the contact between the testicles and clitoris that enhance pleasure for both partners. While this is an exciting, stimulating position, like even the best chocolate cake, it can become stale after too long. So, enhance it:

Reverse Cowgirl +: Slip the vibrating clit flicker on over the man's penis and testicles. Assume the position, and begin rocking. The vibrations will not only drive the man wild, but will also move through the woman's vagina, sending new sensations throughout her insides. As though this isn't enough, the flicking will add increased levels of stimulation to the woman's clitoris and to the man's testicles simultaneously. The added levels of pleasure throughout both partners' bodies will send both people through the roof.

And if this isn't enough, try another:

Spider: The man sits up at a 45 degree angle, leaning back to allow his hands to support him. The woman assumes the same position straddling the man, with her legs on top of his. In this position, both partners have an opportunity to take control, moving in a variety of thrusting and grinding motions.

Spider +: With a vibrating clit flicker, this position goes from an 8 to an 18. The movements can be reduced in range, and the ability for both partners to enjoy the sensations and the views adds major wow points to this enhancement. Again, simply slip the ring over the penis and testicles, and inch towards one another until the desired points are being pleasured.

In both of these scenarios, a small adjustment brings reliable positions to the next level, and completely renews them for both partners. And while Reverse Cowgirl and the Spider are the only two positions mentioned here, they are only the tip of the iceberg in the vault of new twists for old tricks.